Breeze Employ

Has all the features and benefits of Breeze Pay but allows you to hand over control of your worker’s employment. This means that we take full responsibility for all the employer compliance, insurances, HMRC Tax and NI, statutory payments and auto enrolment.

There’s no need to pay for costly software and your own payroll staff. You can trust Breeze to ensure your agency staff and employees get paid accurately and on time every time.

Get peace of mind knowing that all payroll calculations are done compliantly, accurately and that all monies due to HMRC are reported correctly and timely.

  • HMRC Tax & NI calculations and payment
  • Reporting and payment to HMRC
  • All deductions, such as pensions, student loans, CSA payments etc
  • Issuing of payslips & P60’s
  • Pension auto enrolment
  • Insurance package
  • Full employer compliance
  • Experienced and fully qualified Account Manager
  • Confidential processing
  • Managing your company’s legislative responsibilities

* Based on weekly pay.

Why outsource your payroll?
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